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Research on CSS & Color ~ Deborah Dano CSS ~ Fall 2009

W3 web site

W3 is a great site. The interactive page is a little more fun than the beginning lessons here, W3. While surfing W3 I discovered the XSL language. XSL is another language similar to CSS. It seems that the variety of languages are increasing rather than consolidating. XSL compliments XML. XML separates content from design like CSS separates design from content. XML may be written with just a text editor. W3.org is great at the interactive area but for quick fixes or reminders, for simplicity add to that, tizag, which is also great. The tutorials are very simple. Another is Developing Webs.net. If I posted the plethora of CSS sites I have collected there would be a mega-quantities-overload. No need to do this, so lastly, is an interesting interactive site. Barelyfitz.com.

Rich in Style site

Yet another is: Rich in Style Here we may address the hierarchy of styles and what the browser will read last. Organizing styles will teach us about their "eclipsing" nature that defines the cascading feature referred to in "Cascading Style Sheet". Check out the page that is guaranteed to cause no problems with any browsers: Guaranteed to work style sheets.

Colorschemedesigner web site

Colorschemedesigner.com is a color wonderland and an intuitive color picker. Complex interactive color changes can be changed in real time with mouse over ease. I specially liked the many scheme features. Choosing colors for any purpose can now be fun. The color wheel mixer may be moved independently from the other selections. Colorscheme Designer Link.